Monday, August 5, 2013

The books start coming in!

I spent a long time trying to figure out what curriculum to use this year for Savannah's Pre-K year. There are a bunch of great free ones online, but I really wanted something easy to use (planning wise) and I felt that some of them were lacking in that area. Then I went to a homeschooling conference and spent a long time looking at everything there. I finally decided that Sonlight was the curriculum I wanted to use for this next year. I'm really excited!!

Last week the first books started rolling in. I am so excited!! Since apparently my brother and I were cut from the same cloth, I made a detailed spreadsheet of all the books, what weeks I needed them for, and the prices I found them for online (at Sonlight, new on Amazon, and used elsewhere). I have about half of the books I've ordered so far, and I should be getting most of the rest later this week.

I've also been busy getting our homeschool room set up - we're going to start school the last week of August. We were doing great until I injured my hand and had to stop. I'm really frustrated because I desperately want to finish, but I can't. Once I am feeling better and am able to finish, I'll be sure to get some pictures up. :-)

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