Thursday, August 8, 2013


The color of the week is Yellow! 

To celebrate yellow Drew wore yellow shirts, thankfully we had several. We also played with yellow play-doh. This was Drew's first time playing with play-doh. He kept calling it cheese. It was funny. I am happy that he didn't try to eat it like cheese, and I am glad to know he put together that cheese is yellow, too.

I printed out the circle template from ABCJesusLovesMe and laminated it. It made it easy to do different activities with the play-doh. We rolled it into snakes and made circles to lay on the big circle, and then we flattened the play-doh to try to fill the circle.

I have tried to point out yellow items to Drew, and he even said yellow this week. That was a fun first. We have been using his yellow bowls and cups this week too as reinforcement. The best was I had his breakfast in my hand this morning in a yellow bowl and he knew it was his.

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