Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Camping-theme day

Today was a bonus lesson - we talked about camping! We have not been able to camp at all this summer, which makes me sad, so I decided to do some fun stuff about camping. Savannah really enjoyed it and I blogged about it on my camping blog.

I printed some of the printables from 2 Teaching Mommies and Homeschool Creations. I got the craft from Homeschool Creations as well. We practiced cutting, drawing lines, number order, and matching.

Craft supplies for our campfire craft. We had fun hunting for sticks and stones outside, and I used a glue gun to glue everything to the CD.

Savannah cut out the flames from the construction paper.

Our finished campfire. You're supposed to use tissue paper but we didn't have any. I think the construction paper turned out okay, though tissue paper would have looked better.

Drawing lines. I don't think she was a big fan of following the dotted line exactly. ;-)


Help the campers find their tent.

Putting the strips in number order makes a picture of a campsite!

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