Thursday, August 15, 2013

Feuerwehrmann Sam

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Drew is obsessed with Fireman Sam! Fireman Sam is a firefighter who lives in a small Welsh village of Pontypandy. He helps save the villagers when they get themselves into sticky situations. It is a really good show. We have just watched all the episodes Netflix has repeatedly, to the point that I was getting very tired of them. Well, the other night AJ had the brilliant idea to turn on Feuerwehrmann Sam. Fireman Sam in German on YouTube.

This really was brilliant! German is going to be our foreign language of choice (namely because my brain can process it), and I have been looking for a way to introduce Drew to it. Our library doesn't have any German for toddlers videos or such, but they have a lot of other languages, so I was sad. AJ fixed this! It has actually been really fun watching Sam in another language, even the episodes I have seen many many times.

Yes, we do have a cow cutout in our living room.
I am amazed at how Drew will really watch it in German. I am hoping he is picking up on the language. I am surprised how much I can understand when I am not watching the screen, as opposed to when we accidentally get an episode in Russian. I am so thankful that technology allows us to have these options and be exposed to other languages.

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