Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Table Setting Placemats

When Drew turned two we decided it was time to start really working on homeschooling/ life skills. He was eager to help with things like sweeping and wiping down things. So, the timing seemed right to start having him help set the table and learn where things go. I had seen this great idea for placemats identifying where everything went years ago and just never gotten around to making them. Well, I finally took the time to make some.

I used some of the left over fabric from Drew's birthday party to make them. They are a bit wild, but easy to identify what everything is; green plate, blue cup, patterned napkin, and orange utensils. They also match the bunting that I left up for the summer. I am not sure if I am going to make some more neutral ones yet or not, but that is an option.

I still need to finish the other couple, but I have gotten really distracted with other projects and traveling. I made five templates. I know that sounds like a weird number, but we frequently have Joy and Jason over for dinner or grandparents, and five gives us enough that we have ones for when they are here.

Drew has done really well with the placemats. He puts everything in the right place and can identify what they are. I decided I like having everything a different color. I can tell him that the bowl goes on the green circle and the cup goes on the blue circle and that is where he puts them. It was a fairly easy project, especially since I just traced our actual items onto the fabric and cut them out. I like the fact it is our stuff because everything fits nicely and covers the template when the table is fully set.

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  1. This is such a good idea! I saw something similar at the homeschooling conference ( and was thinking of getting them. We rarely eat at the table though, which is why I haven't pursued it yet.