Monday, July 29, 2013

Blue and Elephants

Today is brought to you by the color blue and elephants. I am not sure what these two things really have in common, but those are the themes.

The book we read is called, "When the Elephant Walks". It is a never-ending loop book about what happens when the elephant walks and scares other critters in the story. It is a cute story and Drew likes pointing out all the "extras" in the book, like sunglasses, hats, umbrellas, strollers, and swings. It is fun seeing what he really recognizes and he is starting to use words for them.

I think I should explain that Drew still isn't the most verbal child. He knows what we are saying, follows directions, and understands, but chooses not to use a lot of words. I know that sounds odd that he chooses that, but he does and being around him makes it clear that he is just not opting to use words. He will decide when he wants to use them, and other times not.

Elephant was one of his first words, so anything having to do with them makes him a happy camper. We made an elephant face out of construction paper. I cut out the pieces and he taped them down. If I had been thinking we would have made it into a mask, but I might save that idea for later.

I also set up a station for painting blue today. It was supposed to be painting straight lines, but that didn't hold his interest. The reason for taping the paper to the door is to increase muscle coordination by working on a vertical surface. Apparently, that is one way to help kids have legible handwriting later on, to have them work upright. Blue paint got all over him and the floor, but that is why I highly recommend the Crayola Washable Kids Paint set. It is great and very easy to clean up. It is the same paint I used to color the shaving cream to make water.

I am starting to feel like a good chunk of our homeschooling stuff ends in a bath for Drew. Which isn't a problem, it just reminds me of my mom saying I would always come home dirty from preschool. I enjoy myself getting that dirty, so I am assuming Drew is having a good time, too.

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