Saturday, July 27, 2013

Introduction from Ashley!

Hi! I'm Ashley, Molly's sister-in-law. (Her husband is my little brother!) My husband and I have two little girls, and we're just starting the homeschooling adventure with the older one. I'll be writing here on occasion, as I'm inspired. And by "inspired" I mean, so excited about something that I can't wait to share. No promises for all the in-between times, though!

So in the way of introduction...

Paul and Ashley

Paul is a web developer.
Ashley is a graphic designer turned stay at home mom.
We've been living in Atlanta, GA for about 8 years now.

Paul and I

Savannah and Caroline

Savannah is almost 4 and loves being outside, elephants, and the color green.
Caroline just turned 1 and loves to explore, chase after her big sister, and put everything into her mouth.

My favorite picture! <3

Our plan right now is to homeschool for Pre-K/K4, primarily to see if homeschooling is going to work for our family. Also, with Savannah's late August birthday, I want to get an idea if she'll be ready for kindergarten next year (2014) or if she should be held back. I am not sure yet about my curriculum, but I have been researching the various free Pre-K curricula that's out there. (If you're interested, here's a little round up on my blog.) So we'll see. ;-)

*Images credit: Jules Photography. I'm not obligated to link to her, I just do because I had such a good experience!

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