Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Mardi Gras Theme - February 14-18, 2015

This was a really short theme that overlapped the Valentine's theme. I really wanted to work this theme in because it is something I want us to create traditions around. Living in Orlando and having passes to Universal means that we go to the Mardi Gras parade at least once a year, so it seemed like a good way to work in the theme. 

We went and saw the parade with our friends on Saturday night. Some how I missed taking a picture of Drew with his beads, but I have a picture of Luke with his.  Drew wasn't as successful as Luke was at catching them, but he will get better. 

We also made Mardi Gras themed pancakes in Shrove Tuesday. I think they came out ok this time, next year I know to add more color to the batter, especially the purple. 

Drew and I made a sign for Mardi Gras and painted it. We talked about mixing the colors red and blue to make our purple. It was also our first big attempt at staying in the lines while painting. He tends to be a more abstract artist than a stay in the lines artist. 

Once he understood what I was wanting he did pretty good. I did discover I need different paint brushes for him. I only have little skinny ones and he doesn't like them. 

On Tuesday we had a break from Mardi Gras at library story time. They were celebrating President's Day. So, we heard stories and say songs about the presidents. 

Getting a good shot of him dancing isn't really possible. He is in constant motion. After story time the library does a craft. This week we made Abraham Lincoln dolls. It was a very parent involved craft, especially after Drew accidentally cut me with his scissors. I found an area we really need to work on. 

This week since it was a short theme I didn't print any new worksheets and just reused the Valentine's Day ones. I had enough that we didn't repeat many. Thank goodness because his focus on repeat stuff is very very very short. For the repeat stuff I had to bribe with the candy heart pattern pages because he gets to munch on the hearts as he works with them. 

I did manage to get some of our homeschool stuff up on the wall. I still need to work on it, but it gives me a start. I got the bulletin board up that I can change the calendar and decorations on easily. I also found a magnetic white board at Goodwill. Drew has been drawing on it and using his magnets on the letters of the week sheets. Until I get everything figured out there is a big space to hang his artwork and big projects. I kept the clock up in the same space because we are working on telling time. The analog clock is next to the digital on the oven so we can explain the time to him. He is getting good with it already and is understanding that things happen at certain times like his gymnastics class. 

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