Monday, September 30, 2013

Zoo Theme

I know it seems like forever since I posted here, but we haven't stopped homeschooling. We did take a break on introducing new concepts to reinforce some of the ones we had already worked with. We are now back to new concepts and new themes.

The theme for last week was zoo animals. It was a really fun theme. The recommended book of the week was Good Night, Gorilla . I carried that theme a little further by getting some Curious George books to add to it. Drew loved "Good Night, Gorilla" and Curious George Visits the Zoo . He would just sit down with the books and point out things to me. He especially liked the part in Curious George where a little boy was crying until George gave him a balloon.

I found a great zoo theme preschool pack from 3 Dinosaurs. It has puzzles, memory games, matching animals together, and coloring pages. I love the fact that she makes packs just for toddlers. I did limit which ones we did. Instead of 12 animals we matched 3, and for the matching animals we did 4. He loved the pack!

This was the first week I had introduced music to our homeschooling. I played the Curious George cd whenever we were playing inside or out. He really enjoyed dancing. I think I will be hunting a cd for each week theme from now on. I like the Curious George one because it was music and not just silly songs. We did try the silly song cd, but it was scratched and didn't play on our cd player. That is the downside of borrowing things from the library.

We finger painted elephants this week, too. Elephants are one of Drew's favorite animals. I was happy to be able to include them this week! He painted several other animals, but this was my favorite. We also talked about the colors and what happens when he mixes them all together.

Zoo week was a fun week. I liked adding extra elements and playing things a little more by the ear. We are still trying to figure out our schedule for things, but they are meshing a little better.

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